Vol. 1No. 1December 2018

About the Journal

DOI prefix: 10.33382

The Central European Journal of Labour Law and Personnel Management is an open access scientific journal of the Labour Law Association, registered at Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic with registration number EV 5777/19, registered under ISSN 2644-4542 (online), ISSN 2644-4917 (print) and DOI 10.33382.  The journal is published twice a year, focusing on scientific submissions of high quality. The scientific journal welcomes scientific work related to the field of labour law, social security law, human resources, human resource management, motivation, knowledge management and related topics.

The journal was founded with a mission to develop a reliable platform and provide access to and invite scientific contributions and support scientific initiatives in the field of law and management.  The main aim is to publish articles that will be interesting to both theoretically and practically oriented readers. Academicians and research scholars are invited to submit their novel contributions in the form of original manuscript which undergoes quality check before being approved for publication. As a reviewed scientific journal it has been published since 2018 by the Labour Law Association in Slovakia

The Central European Journal of Labour Law and Personnel Management undertakes to observe and oversee the publication ethics and quality of published articles. Therefore, it is expected from the authors, editors, reviewers and publishers to obey the standards of ethical behaviour.