Jana Žuľová - Ivan Kundrát

Received: 03. February 2020, Reviewed: 22. March 2020 Accepted: 10. April 2020


The legal regulation of quarantine imposed on an employee is limited in the Labor Code (Act No. 311/2001 Statutes, the Labor Code, as amended, hereinafter referred to as the Labor Code), to the framework regulation of legal consequences of quarantine in labor relations. A number of labor-related problems arising from the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus epidemic causing COVID19 will, therefore, have to be addressed by interpreting the legislation in force for the purpose of its practical application, as it had been previously considered to be of rather a theoretical nature. The paper deals with the partial problem of the service of documents in labor relations during the employee quarantine. It identifies what is served, it analyzes the correctness of the employer's procedure when it automatically relays the delivery task to the postal service, and it clarifies the interpretation of the term “last known address” in the context of its change as evidenced from the proof of temporary incapacity for work stemming from a quarantine imposed on the employee. The aim of the paper is to discuss the practical aspects of the service of documents in the labor context at the time of the current situation of the spread of coronavirus epidemic. In terms of the methodology, the paper is based on critical in-depth analysis of the current legal framework, descriptive method and scientific cognitive methods.

Key words

quarantine, service of documents, document, postal service, employee address

DOI: 10.33382/cejllpm.2020.04.06

JEL classification: J50, E24, L87

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Žuľová, J., Kundrát, I. (2020). Service of documents in employment relationships during the employee quarantine. Central European Journal of Labor Law and Personnel Management, 3 (1), 77-88. doi: 10.33382/cejllpm.2020.04.06