Marián Mészáros – Karina Divékyová

Received: 20. October 2019, Reviewed: 30. November 2019, Accepted: 05. December 2019


The article addresses the issue of immediate termination of employent initated by the employer. Termination of employment by the employer is interpreted as a unilateral legal act, under which the employer can terminate employment with the employee solely on the basis of defined reasons. The main objective is to point to problematic aspects of the Slovak legislation and to clarify their application with reference to judicial practice. The authors summarized the current legal background, analyzed the relevant court decisions, and applied logical thinking, using deduction, induction and synthesis in order to draw the appropriate legal conclusions. The article contains the comparison of the Slovak and the Czech legislation in the affected field.

Key words

termination of employment, immediate termination of empolyment, serious breach of employment discipline, intentional crime

DOI: 10.33382/cejllpm.2019.03.03

JEL classification: J80, J83, K31

How to cite

Mészáros, M., Divékyová, K. (2019). Immediate termination of employment relationship by the employer. Central European Journal of Labour Law and Personnel Management, 2 (2), 33-43. doi: 10.33382/cejllpm.2019.03.03