Zsuzsanna Horváth – Gábor Hollósy-Vadász

Received: 05. March 2019, Reviewed: 16. April 2019, Accepted 24. May 2019


The Public Service Motivation Theory (PSM) turned up in the USA in the 90’s, the European civil services applied the PSM concept later. Very few studies addressed the PSM in Hungarian context. One of those prepared a PSM model adapted to Hungarian public service. In this study, we develop and complete this model with job security as new variable. We use the PLS-SEM method to analyze the representative database of ISSP. According to our result, the job security can be adapted to the previous PSM model. We also identify the direct and indirect effects of job security on the other variables of the model. The results of this study can be adapted in human resource management of the Hungarian public administration. Therefore, we suggest the public policy makers to confirm the motivation and job security among the public sector employees.

Key words

Calling, organizational commitment, perceived social impact, public service motivation, work satisfaction

DOI: 10.33382/cejllpm.2019.02.02

JEL classification: J24, J28, J29

How to cite

Horváth, Zs., Hollósy, V. G. (2019). The revision of Hungarian public service motivation (PSM) model. Central European Journal of Labour Law and Personnel Management, 2 (1), 17-28. doi: 10.33382/cejllpm.2019.02.02