Elena Kiselyova

Received: 15. April 2020, Reviewed: 04. May 2020, Accepted: 31. May 2020


The article deals with the peculiarities of introduction of a labor compliance system as a system of measures for ensuring employer’s and other subjects’ of labor law compliance with current labor legislation and other labor regulations. Labor compliance serves as a menas of preventing labor rights violations. The labor compliance system, researched in this article, includes mechanisms of internal labor control (compulsory and voluntary). The article indicates the necessity of adopting a Law of Ukraine on labor compliance, which would provide the definition of labor compliance, state the purpose of introducing compliance control in a business organization, main tasks and the principles of functioning, the structure and composition of a compliance service at an external and internal level, the rights and obligations of comliance professionals, guarantees of their activities and the responsibility attached to their position. Expediency of introducing a compliance control department in organizations, enterprises and institutions is emphasized, with such department controling the subject at all levels, and also creating a position of a compliance specialist as a person acting in accordance with an established Compliance Program. Such measure will not only simplify the existence of organizations and enterprises, but will also significantly improve the quality of labor law. Therefore, it is believed that the theme of introducing labor compliance at enterprises and institutions is very relevant.

Key words

сompliance сontrol, labor relations, labor control, principles, integration

DOI: 10.33382/cejllpm.2020.04.02

JEL classification: J08, J46, K31

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Kiselyova, E. (2020). Labor compliance as an instrument of labor relations control. Central European Journal of Labour Law and Personnel Management, 3 (1), 22-33. doi: 10.33382/cejllpm.2020.04.02