Jan Horecký – Michal Blažek

Received: 02. October 2019, Reviewed: 14. November 2019, Accepted: 05. December 2019


The law of the Czech Republic does not explicitly regulate the rights of the university students participating in internship programme. Nor does it regulates the obligations and rights of the internship programme providers. Without the existence of any specific legal regulation, the issue has to be addressed by most of the universities since internship is a necessary requirement for graduation. The absence of legislation makes unclear the legal background of internship programmes. The authors of the article deal with those legal norms that should apply in internship practice and present several arguments supporting the fact that the internship programme should be regulated by labour law Act No. 262/2006. The article also draws attention to the consquences of this conclusion. The aim of the paper is to support the opinion above, providing several arguments. To achieve this objective, the concept of „dependent work“ will be analyzed using deductive research method based on the existing theoretical labour-law knowledge, as well as an inductive method will be applied with the Supreme Court and the Supreme Administrative Court of the Czech Republic.

Key words

Job analysis, human resource management, small and medium scale enterprises, organizational performance

DOI: 10.33382/cejllpm.2019.03.01

JEL classification: J80, J83, K31

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Horecký, J., Blažek, M. (2019). Dependent work and internship. Central European Journal of Labour Law and Personnel Management, 2 (2), 7-20. doi: 10.33382/cejllpm.2019.03.01